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Excellent Academy an exam centre for those outside of mainstream education regardless of age or background at our London exam centre. USe the link below to securely book your exam place:


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Mock Exams

Mock exams are imperative to a student’s progress. It allows the students to sensitize themselves to the pressure and strict regulations of exam conditions. This allows students to overcome their nerves and fear to build real confidence in the run-up to their real exams.

Mock examinations are also important indicators of progress for students. They can identify content that they have personally excelled in from the areas that require improvement. Students are also able to familiarise themselves with the style and format of questions in their respective exam boards and recognize patterns in past exams that they can take advantage of in the future. This means that students can focus their efforts on the content and techniques that yield the best results for them.

Functional Skills

Level 1 & 2 in three subjects

Predicted Grades

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GCSE, A Level & IGCSE  Private Candidate  Exam Centre

Since 2013, Excellent Academy  has provided access to assessment opportunities in the heart of London, Camden. Offering students a secure and anxiety free space to not only sit their exams, but also provide any revision needed before the exam.

Confirmed Examination Entry Deadline Dates

Excellent Academy are pleased to announce their examination entry deadline dates following publication of awarding organisation timetables.


What People Say About Us

I sat my GCSE Chinese in Excellent Academy; it was a relaxing and comfortable experience. As they cooperated a lot with me and helped me arrange a speaking exam and aided me through the process of it.
Retaking my A level geography at Excellent Academy was the best decision, not only because of how efficient and easy the booking process was, but they also helped in my fieldwork write up.
Choosing to take GCSE English Language at Excellent Academy removed all forms of exam anxiety I had before due to the friendly staff that helped me organise my time.
Excellent Academy provided the best service for my child when it came to sitting his GCSE exams, with fast email and text responses it removed any worries we had as they always responded efficiently to our queries.