Excellent Academy  have specialised in Language assessments since its inception. We understand the difficulty many private candidates encounter in finding a suitable examination venue exam centre that can accommodate the Speaking component of language assessments.

To date, we have assessed many A-Level and GCSE languages ranging from Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Italian . To see what languages we take please visit our Fees List.  If you do not find the language you are studying, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you as we also offer MFL. Practice sessions are offered prior to the exam.


Language exams are conducted in April and May and in Excellent Academy.  Unfortunately, a date is usually decided by the availability of the tutor, however we try our best to accommodate everyone.

The Language assessment covers speaking on the following criteria depending on the board and level chosen. You will need to be familiar with the themes and topics of your chosen syllabus.

  • Role play cards
  • Photo card stimulus
  • Independent Research Project
  • General discussion