A level

A Level English

A Level English Language, Literature and Language & Literature have an NEA element that needs to be authenticated and marked by an approved Exam Centre in order for you to receive a grade.

Excellent Academy provides help and assistance in not only writing your NEA, but also choosing the books you want to study and creating an essay question.

If you were to take you English literature exam with Excellent Academy, we will take care of everything needed, such as sending off your NEA to be marked by external moderators.


A Level History:

At Excellent Academy we offer first time and retake A Level history students. We offer Edxecel, AQA and OCR exam boards. 

The A-Level history programme has a NEA element, where you are required to write an essay about a historical event, which can differ based on your exam board. At Excellent Academy we have specialized tutors who can help you through this process, removing any forms of anxiety you may have.